My darling Embla – forever my little girl and forever in my heart.

Thank you my darling for all the love you gave me for 17 years and 1 month. Yesterday you decided it was the time to cross the rainbow. I loved being your mom and I was so proud of you my little furling. I will never, ever, forget you and the love you gave me and so many others. Give Sessan, Simson, Challe, Cindy, Climax, Catinka, Maya, Frida and our bunnies kisses from their mommy. Rest in peace my little Embla and play with all the footballs you can find. I don’t know how I will be able to continue without you by my side but I will do my best. You are so missed by so many, by your family, your Afghan boys, by Eddie&Elsa and many, many more. Sweet dreams my little girl. I love you so much and I will always keep you in my heart. // Your mom.